Monday, January 11, 2010

Financial Planning 101

Why is it always around 2 am when my brain starts thinking? Probably because I shut it up around 6 with wine and by 2 am it is dry. Thank God for laptops. Seriously what did people do in the olden days when they couldn't sleep and had no one to talk to?

Jackass and I went to a financial planner yesterday. It was/is a necessity. She was actually really nice and has a good sense of humor. It's amazing how we lived on the edge for so long. Really, when you make money in waves and don't save for the down times, you can really get in a lot of financial trouble. (Duh) More than letting 2 houses go, the saddest part was her telling me I need to get a job. I told her I have been on a 12 year vacation and really like volunteering and giving my time away for free. That didn't fly with her.

Jackass opened up a bit and talked about how he would like to get out of the Northeast in the winter for a month or so and not work so hard. I guess that is one of the lines that has me awake at 2 am. What about your kids? I guess the draw of horses in Florida is stronger.

The financial lady asked why we had so many horses and if we could downsize. Haha. I had to laugh at that one. She basically told Jackass that he should live in the small house for a year or 2 on the farm and pull himself/us out of debt. I was laughing on the inside about this because I could see Jackass' pride getting in the way and the fact that his Ho lives in that little house. What would he do with her? Move in with her? Tell her to leave?

Oh, these are the questions that probably have him awake right now. Too bad he doesn't have a laptop.


  1. I bet this crap DIDN'T keep him up last night. He's probably just worrying about not being able to take off for a month every winter. Dick.
    So aside from you having to get a job (will you?) is there any hope for your financial problems?

    Justine :O )

  2. What about the horse barn, stall, or whatever you call it - they could take turns shoveling the sh*t, right?