Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Scramble

Stop on over to Justine's blog to learn about the Sunday Scramble. It is a time to think of the past week while you eat your scrambled eggs. Or maybe it's a time to think of how scrambled the past week was. Or maybe ....

Anyway, here goes...
*Jackass and I learned that I could go bankrupt without affecting his business or 2 of the 3 houses. Although that sounds weird and upsetting, it's actually a good thing. Don't worry, I plan on nailing his ass in the alimony/child support area.

*I told Jackass that he should tell the girls that he is dating Vi, who I am just going to call Ho from now on. I told him I wouldn't throw him under the bus and tell them that it had been going on for over a year or two, just that he started after we moved out. I told him he could either take the offensive and tell them or the defensive when they found out themselves. News flash, they are not stupid!

*I have been going through lots of old pictures with all the moving and shuffling things from house to house. What were my mom and dad thinking 10 years ago? They had the biggest damn glasses! I know, another 10 years and I will look back and think that the glasses they have now are too small. I guess I have to start a box for each of the girls, because I don't really want to keep all those fun family vacation pictures with Jackass in them. It's very strange and surreal to look at them.

*In the past month, I have had Jackass' brother and his family over for dinner along with one of my best friends and her husband who was in our wedding and their kids. We have had a great time eating, drinking and laughing together. There is a part of me that feels badly for Jackass. Whenever we had people over, I would hope that he was in a "good" mood and not in one of his black "the world is out to get me" moods. So there was a lot of effort on my part to keep everything upbeat and happy. Now it is so much more relaxing to have people over. And that makes me feel bad for Jackass. I am better friends with his family and friends than he is.

Going to try to get out in this sunshine today even though it is still cchhhiiiillllllyyyyyy!
Happy Sunday!


  1. Don't feel bad for him, girl. He made his bed, and all that.

    And oh yes, you do need to nail his ass to the wall in the divorce!

    Now, how come you do the Scramble on the private blog instead of your usual?

  2. I don't know "jackass" but from the sounds of it.. I agree with Tiney.. don't feel sorry for him.
    Thanks for stopping by. Happy Scrambling!

  3. You are being so gracious about not telling your girls how long this affair has been going. You are nicer than I would have been. I am glad you have a good relationship with JA's family. That will be easier for your girls too.

  4. I'm with Tara. Always take the higher road. The girls will someday (probably) find out that it started during the marriage, but it shouldn't be from you.

    Don't feel bad for him. You tried to help him through those dark times during the marriage and he didn't seem to want the help, so you did what you could and now it's up to him to help himself.


  5. Wow. Just wow. This must be so therapeautic to be able to blog your thoughts about this as you are going through it all. You sound AMAZING!!!! BIG HUGE HUG TO YA!

  6. I'm with Melisa-- Trust me, they will figure it out, I've been there (as the kid) but by the time they do, it will be long over and done with, and it is so much better that you are being the bigger person and letting it all play out instead of just telling them what happened. i give you major kudos for that, love.

  7. As my great-aunt used to always say "I divorced the man, not the family". I'm glad you were able to have a nice time visiting with Jackass' family. Like you said, at least you didn't have to worry about making up for one of his black moods.
    And yes, your daughters will thank you later for taking the high road and simply being honest about the separation, etc., without bad-mouthing Jackass in front of them. My parents somehow managed this and I've always been grateful for it (however, a lot of my cousins were not as lucky, and it took them a lot longer to deal with their parents' divorces).

  8. my prayers and spare wine( the wine still left in the fridge after finding out im pregggo)are with you