Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I Moved

I knew you guys were the right crowd to spread this out to! Thanks so much for the support! Really it makes me a little embarrassed, but feel free to keep it coming!

Justine asked, 'Why didn't I make him leave?" A good question. Things were actually starting to look a little better in Sept because we were communicating. We were communicating about how much debt we were in, but I at least felt like we were on the same team, fighting for the same thing. We own 3 houses. Yes, that is definitely one of the problems. We got carried away and spent way more over the years than we should have and jackass always said, "no worries", so I went along blissfully unaware. We found out in Sept that 2 houses were entering into foreclosure status. The house that Vi lived in and that the land connected to with the horses, was safe. I can hear you yelling, "kick the bitch out and move in there yourself". Well, remember how I am allergic to horses? Well that also includes dogs, cats, any furry animal, mold, dust..... The house that she lives in is tiny and old and would kill my respiratory system. So, it was not an option.

My thought was to rent a house and let the other 2 houses go or try to save one, but at least we would be paying 1000s of dollars less a month in mortgages. Yes, our credit would be shot, but it is already. So I started looking for a rental. Friends of ours were renting one of their houses for the winter.{ Sidenote: people pay crazy money to rent houses on Cape Cod for a week in the summer. Much more money than someone would get renting out a house year round.} So I took it thinking that the 4 of us were moving in together. That's when the "shit hit the fan" and it wound up being the girls and I moving in. Jackass is still living in one of the potential foreclosures.

I wanted to tell the girls together that we were separating. Jackass could not make himself available for this, so I wound up telling them myself before they heard it at school. (News travels zippity quick in this town, especially "bad news"). Youngest immediately burst into tears and oldest withdrew into herself. This reaction was completely what I was expecting. Youngest had a text out to about 15 friends 1/2 hour after she found out and oldest, has still yet to tell anyone. Oldest is the one closest to jackass, but also the most like him. Emotions stay close to the chest and talking is not necessarily a good thing.

We moved in to the "girls world" house the beginning of October. We each have our own bedroom. Youngest has slept in her own bed for all, but about 5 nights that we have lived here. Yes, she is 11. Yes, she had slept with me for the last 2 years. Yes, it is a Christmas miracle that she sleeps in her own bed!!!

OK, technicalities today, back to the dirt tomorrow :)


  1. Okay, this definitely made sense. Is there any way you can put those properties up on the market, or rent them out? Ya know, kick out the bitch and let her find her own ho dwelling?

    Justine :o )

  2. "her own ho dwelling" LOL
    One has been on the market for a year. Good thinking though. And we do rent it out in the summer. :)

  3. I truly hope you have consulted a lawyer about disconnecting from what promises to be a credit nightmare. You don't need to be digging him out from under a rock for the next 10 years.

  4. This is probably too little, too late, but I still say KICK THE BITCH OUT!